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Natural Home Remedies For Coughs And Colds In Children


Children are sensitive and that is why it’s not always a good idea to give them over the counter drugs when they have a cough or cold. To understand over the counter drugs and more info can be found here. You should take them to a specialist or consider some natural home remedies. One of the benefits of natural home remedies for coughs and colds in children is that they are safe and cause no side effects. Next time your child falls ill, consider the following tips below.

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Natural Home Remedies For Coughs And Colds

Give Lots of Warm Fluids

When your child or baby has a cold, give them more fluids than you do on a normal day. With extra fluids, the mucus becomes thin and their nose will not be stuffy. It also makes it easy to cough up the mucus stuck on the throat. Give them more fluids. Water, soup, hot chocolate and milk are great choices!

natural home remedies for coughs and colds

Keep the Child’s Head Elevated

When your child or baby is asleep, elevate their head with a folded towel or a soft pillow. This will help your baby/child breath easily, even with a congested nose.

Lemon and Honey

Making a lemon and honey drink is another natural home remedy for coughs and colds for babies and young children. However, ensure that you check for safety precautions especially if the child is below one year. A great advantage of lemon and honey is that they help one get over the cold and also boost the body’s immune system. To prepare the drink, mix a teaspoon of honey, lemon juice from half a lemon and a little warm water.

natural home remedies for coughs and colds


Steam is an awesome Do It Yourself remedy for a stuffy nose. You can easily turn your bathroom into a steam room by simply running a hot shower and sitting inside with your child for ten minutes. The steam will help loosen the congestion caused by the infection. To keep the baby from getting bored in the steam room, you can read them a story or give them some snacks. Also, you can buy a vaporizer and use it in the baby’s room. A vaporizer helps increase moisture.

natural home remedies for coughs and colds

Give Him or Her Maximum Comfort

More rest and comfort will help the baby and children recover faster. Dress them comfortably and use soft blankets to cover them. Get rid of anything that could give them irritation. You might need to keep pets away and avoid using sprays and air fresheners in the house till the child is well.

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