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4 Important Things to Know About a Swaddle

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Caring for a newborn baby is one of the most pleasurable moments any parent would experience. Since babies are small and fragile, they need all the protection, care, and love they can get from their parents. The first time you see a baby at the hospital, you probably would notice how they are bundled, with their cute little head poking out. This method of wrapping babies is known as a swaddle.

A swaddle is an ancient practice of wrapping a baby in a blanket. All nurses use this method to help newborn babies feel safe and secure. It is a way of settling down the babies and getting them to sleep. Because of how swaddling soothes the baby, this practice passes on from generations.

Understanding More About Swaddling

In a research study conducted about swaddling, this technique can soothe newborn babies. It is because the method mimics the environment of the mother’s womb, making them warm and secure. It can also help babies that are experiencing colic.

Since the early 1990s, modern swaddling has become increasingly popular. Studies proved that the swaddle technique helps soothe irritable infants, as well as preventing Moro reflex while sleeping. As a result, babies can sleep longer with few occasions of waking up, particularly at night.

How Swaddle Benefits Your Baby

Swaddling your baby has many benefits. As a new parent, one of the challenges you will experience is the lack of sleep, especially if your baby continuously frets at night and does not seem to calm down. The swaddle method is proven by medical experts to soothe the baby. It helps them sleep peacefully. It also prevents the baby from getting startled easily, particularly with loud noises.

Step-by-Step Lessons in Swaddling Your Baby

To safely apply the swaddle technique to your baby, follow these steps to get you started. Usually, nurses or baby caregivers teach you the method while in the hospital. But, in case there were guidelines that you miss, this step-by-step lesson can do the trick.

Getting Started

It is advisable to do swaddling in the middle of your bed or any flat surfaces, for safety purposes. The blanket should form a diamond pattern and spread out across the surface. Fold the top edge of the cloth, by six inches.

Positioning the Baby

Make sure that the baby is facing up on the blanket when you lay them down. Place the head of the baby on the edge of the folded part of the cloth. Hold the baby down and straighten the left arm.

Securing the Blanket

Make sure that the baby is in the right position before you attempt to swaddle. Hold your baby in place and take the left side of the blanket, wrapping it over the left arm and chest area of the baby. Secure it by tucking the cloth beneath the right arm and back of the baby.

Cover the feet of the baby by folding the bottom edge of the blanket towards the baby’s body, particularly underneath the chin.

Bring the right edge of the blanket over the baby’s right arm and pull the cloth over the chest area. Tuck the blanket securely on the baby’s left side.

Important Step to Remember

Make sure that the swaddle is secured, but it should not be too tight. You should give the baby enough room to move in. The legs and feet of the baby should be able to move freely. So, you should loosen the blanket near the hips.

If your baby loves to wiggle a lot, it might be that your baby is not comfortable with swaddling. Another reason could be that your baby is becoming too active that the method might not work anymore. In that case, do not force your baby to stay still in the swaddle, to avoid the risk of suffocation.

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