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The Biggest Trends in Flat Wedding Shoes This Year

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Flat Wedding Shoes

Finalizing wedding preparations is always a challenge. From your hairstyle, makeup, accessories, dress, and shoes, these are just a few of the long list to prepare to complete your wedding day ensemble. Although wedding dresses get the most attention, the relationship between the bride and her shoes is equally crucial. Hence, when choosing perfect shoes for your big day, remember their essential role to fulfil. Spending long hours on the ground can lead to you experiencing blisters. Hence, the reason why flat wedding shoes have become the trend this year.

Go Flirty with Tulle Bows

Flat wedding shoes with tulle bows are a favourite for many seasons. It is a perfect match if you are aiming for something whimsical, fun, and flirty to match your dress. The cute fluffy bows will make your feet look stunning and can complement with ivory and white accents.

Be Dazzled with Crystals

This year is all about glitter embellishments. Style your feet with beaded crystal flat wedding shoes. The flat jewelled shoes are the bridal go-to with its elegant look.  It is an ideal combination if you wish for something glamorous and comfortable.

Something Old

Complete your wedding look by wearing something old. Pearls are known for their classic and elegant look. They are nature’s most valuable gifts, which symbolize wealth and beauty. Try incorporating pearl beads sewn on your flat shoes, giving it a dainty gorgeous look.

Be Bold with Colours

Nowadays, brides are becoming more daring with their outfits. The new era for brides is to be bold with colours. No longer do they limit their choices with white or ivory, they can wear red or cobalt flat wedding shoes. It is the latest trend in shoes. The vivid hues complement your dress, giving you that daring, exquisite look.

Delicate Bows

Who can ever forget bows? Ever since you were a child, bows have been your perfect accessory. Match your dress with flat bow shoes. You have the option to go with embellished and beaded bows or the simple floral lace. Whatever your choice may be, the added texture is a quaint accessory.

Embroidered Lace

Wear something delicate on your wedding with embroidered lace flat wedding shoes. The simple yet stylish look is the epitome of bridal footwear. They are comfortable to wear, while at the same time, achieve the classic look. The lace design is the shoes for girls with its adorable motifs of flowers and leaves.

Polka Dots is Stylish Too

Be daring with polka dots flat wedding shoes. It is the ideal pair of comfortable shoes with unique and fun patterns. The dainty dots look unique. It adds a bold statement to your white or ivory dress.

Ballet Flats is Still In

Who does not love ballet flats? They are comfortable to wear, and with the satin ribbons, it looks chic and sophisticated. If you are aiming for flat wedding shoes that have a perfect balance of flirty and dainty, ballet flats will certainly look flattering on your feet.

Not all occasions call for you to wear high heels. There are times when you need to consider your comfort, especially on your wedding day. You cannot enjoy your special day if you have blisters on your feet.  You can always be stylish with the latest trends in flat shoes.

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