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How to Lose Weight in Winters

weight loss in winters

Weight lose is the aim of every person. Now a days, weight lose in winters is a bit difficult as person become sluggish and curled up in beds and this results in increase in weight despite of losing calories so winters are good if you are an active person. Actually, in winters body tries to maintain stable internal temperature of the body by burning more calories because temperature outside is low, this phenomenon is called homeostasis. Due to this, person feels more hungry and tends to eat a lot. Here, stylearena brings three easy ways to lose weight in winters so that you maintain and improve your body shape during the winters.

Quality Sleep of 8 Hours

Quality sleep of 8 hours is also important as it increases metabolism  if you are not taking enough sleep steroidal hormone cortisol increases which results in increase weight.

Take Green Tea

A good quality of Ayuverdic green tea is also essential as it enhances metabolism so always take green tea before bed and after meals.

Green Tea to lose weight in winters

Focus on Protien Diet

Portion meals are good for the weight loss so take small meals with high protein diet. But this doesn’t mean to ignore carbohydrates or fats at all. Food should be balanced but protien diet is preferred relatively as compared to carbs and fats.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Hydration is key in weight lose but in winters thirst level declines and person tries to eat more. So, drink 7 to 8 glass of water to decrease hunger. It is indeed a tough ask in winters because you don’t want to push yourself with water and also it will make you go to the toilet again and again (lolx). But try to take 7 to 8 glasses of water to avoid hunger cravings.

Hope you have liked our recommendations on how to lose weight in winters. Cheers!

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