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5 Tips To Cover up Pimples

cover up pimples

The most common skin condition almost every person suffers from is skin breakouts. Pimples or acne issues can be caused due to many reasons such as hormonal issues, deprivation of sleep, depression or bacteria inheriting in your pores. However, they are most annoying skin condition especially when you have a big date just around the corner. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to cover up pimples before going to an event.

Tips To Cover up Pimples

Cleanse Your Face Regularly:

Pimples are built due to excessive production of sebum that clogs your pores. Therefore, the first step you must take against pimple issue is to wash your face daily twice or even thrice. This this will remove the excessive oil and sebum. Try to pick a mild cream based facewash rather than face scrubs. In addition to these use products with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that helps to clean your face, unplug your clogged pores and kills bacteria.

cover up pimples

Keep Your Face Moisturized:

As cleansing your face is important similarly moisturizing it is important too. Your skin needs moisturizers to avoid blackheads and white heads. Pick a moisturizer that compliments your skin type and apply it to your face after every wash. You can find moisturizers specially designed for acne prone skin labelled as “non-comedogenic”. In addition to this you can use tea tree oil as a natural moisturizer that works as antiseptic as well.

cover up pimples

Home Remedies:

If your big day is not just around the corner and you can wait pimples to disappear. The best way to cure them is through home remedies. You can use natural astringents that are available at your kitchen like tomatoes, lemon, yogurt applied to your face. Other than this you can use grinded oats and chickpea powder with base of honey or yogurt to make mask. Aloe-vera gel works perfect too. Apply these to your face wait for 4-5 minutes and you will start seeing results in few days only.

Concealing Pimples:

If a pimple appears right on your big day, do not panic! We have solution for that as well. Concealing your pimple with a concealer is the quick fix method. Take a small amount of concealer and apply it to the required area. However covering it with some translucent powder lets it set longer in place. Always pick concealers that are specially designed for pimples in this way you will not require to use color corrector.

cover up pimples

Apply Sunscreen:

Prevention is better than cure! When you are going out put a sunscreen before half an hour stepping out your house into the sun. Try to grab on light weight fluid sunscreen to avoid more acne to develop. However, products with no comedogenic ingredients are best to avoid acne.

Hope the information provided above will help you in your bad times and help you to cover up pimples.

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