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How to Design the Perfect Gaming Room


Gaming is a pastime that has experienced phenomenal growth worldwide in recent years.
Today, in 2022, almost every home has access to a fast and reliable internet connection,
which has made the excitement of online gaming a reality for millions of people. Globally,
there are thought to be well over 3 billion people who enjoy gaming, which makes it the
world’s most popular hobby. An increasing number of homeowners are now seeking to
design and create the perfect gaming room for themselves or their families. With a little
thought and preparation, a spare room can be transformed into a gaming paradise that
allows extended sessions to take place in style and comfort. In this article three key
ingredients that make the perfect gaming room will be discussed in detail.

Console or Laptop?

One of the first decisions that need to be made for any gaming room is whether to choose a
current generation console or a gaming laptop to enjoy the latest games. A lot of the appeal
of consoles, such as the PlayStation 5, is that they are ready to go with minimal setup and
already have a range of high-quality titles to purchase. The major downside to consoles is
that they cannot be upgraded in any way, which means that during their lifespan, there will
be a range of more sophisticated PC games on the market. A laptop, such as an
Intel Core i9 Laptop, is ideal for gaming, as they feature advanced graphics cards and processors
that can easily handle the most demanding of today’s triple-A releases. Their lightweight designs
also make them highly portable, which can be a great bonus for gaming on the go or when
travelling. Ultimately, the choice is down to personal preference.

Comfort Is King

The nature of modern gaming is such that sessions can take place for several hours on end.
For extended periods of gaming, comfort must be prioritised to minimise the risk of
musculoskeletal strains. Thankfully, there is a range of high-quality chairs that are
specifically designed with the gamer in mind. Models range from budget chairs where
comfort is prioritised over high-quality materials or special features such as vibrating
elements that link to the game being played. At the top end of the market, the seats look
ultra stylish and offer robust designs with premium quality materials. Most budgets are
catered for, and a gaming chair should be considered a key piece of equipment in any
gaming room.

Lighting Considerations

Most gamers find that they need minimal amounts of lighting in the gaming room so that the
focus can be on the screen. However, it is important to have some low levels of lighting near
the monitor so that the risk of eye strain is minimised, and extended play sessions can take
place in comfort. As a rule, it can be beneficial to put LED strip lighting in key task areas,
such as near the monitor and surrounding the hardware. Such lighting can also serve to
highlight specific design features in the room, such as a collection of retro games or gaming

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