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5 Popular Popilush Shapewear Recommendations


Popilush brings you the most trendy and elegant variety of shapewears which is just a few clicks away. These astounding shapewears make you look more stylish and beautiful. Different types of trendy shapewears include everyday shapewear, seamless shapewear, firmed shapewear, full body and max shapewear. Here, we are giving you the 5 most popular Popilush shapewear recommendations.

Shapewear Maxi Dresses

Shapewear maxi dress is a modish style for everyone, representing that you are on top while feeling legs mile long. Slimming maxi dresses are totally stunning and modification there is no need to wear underneath. These dresses are available in different fabric like latex stuff, firm lace net and different neck styles such as crew neck style, scoop neck style, round neck full sleeve maxi. These maxis are existing in large range of colors i.e., brown, grey, red, black, pink and blue.
Sizes available are XS, S, M, L, XL, XLL, XLLL, XLLLL and even XLLLLL for some dresses. These are super comfortable, shapewear hugs everything nice.

Short Sleeve Thong Bodysuits

The short sleeve thong bodysuit is important wardrobe necessity that is the best for layering. It is the perfect stuff to wear all the year around and this maintain-temperature bodysuit gives you clean, tucked in look and a solid suit. These are very comfortable and are available in different stunning neck styles such as square neck thong bodysuit, round deep neck thong bodysuit, elegant lace deep V neck thong, high-waisted underwear lace thong.
Short sleeve thong bodysuit are available in different colors like black, brown and grey. Sizes available also range from XS to XLLL. It’s fun to add shorts and jeans with a cute belt.

Backless Bodysuits

Backless bodysuit adds style and variation in your closet. These bodysuits fits tightly and train your body to look smarter. These bodysuits can be adjusted according to your body shape and hide only your torso. Some backless bodysuits have additional strips that go upward towards your shoulder portion for increased safe fitting. You can also demand some longer backless bodysuit that go downward to give you attractive and slimmer looking thighs. These backless suits are comfortable and can be used on different occasions. Different types of backless bodysuits are ultra-light support U plunge strapless bodysuits, lace smooth firm control backless bodysuits, scoop neck snap gusset backless bodysuit and plunge U neck thong backless bodysuit.
These backless bodysuits are available in all colors and in wide range of sizes from XS to XLLL.

Open Gusset Slimming Suits

Slimming suit is seamless, having no hooks, buttons and it gives strength to your tummy. It is used while going to gym for exercising. It is available in brown and black colors in all sizes from XS to 5XL.

Side Zipper Open Bust Bodysuits

This is one of shape firmed collection of popilush. It gives diverse shaping power and support that shapes bust and slims the thighs. Diverse collection of size from XS to 6XL is available in skin and
black colors.

We hope that we have liked our the 5 most popular Popilush shapewear recommendations.

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