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Five Makeup Hacks for Hypersensitive Skin

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No matter what and where a women lives there are ways that they adopt to enhance their natural beauty. Applying makeup is a common practice loved and adopted by woman to look attractive and beautiful. But sometimes maintaining healthy skin while applying makeup becomes near to impossible because the makeup we apply has chemicals in it and the weather or climate around us causes reactions to it resulting in skin damage. Maintaining healthy skin is a big challenge especially for people who have hypersensitive skin.

Makeup Remover

As applying makeup with the right technique is important, removing makeup is also as important. Makeup remover is an essential that is taken for granted and comes at the last on the priority list. However, a good makeup remover is always required especially for people who suffer from skin breakouts or have hypersensitive skin. Because makeup residues left on skin for a longer time can cause redness and irritation to the skin. Therefore, it is always recommended to invest in a good makeup remover.

Quick Tip: Try to pick up a makeup remover that is fragrance free and transparent they are friendlier to sensitive skin.

Do not Share your Makeup

Women always go crazy on makeup and they are curious to try everything that is in their reach no matter if it belongs to their family member, college friend or colleague. Yes, we know sharing is caring but we do not count sharing your makeup is caring. The things can go upside down because sharing makeup means transferring germs and bacteria from one to another. Your makeup daily comes in contact with sebum, chapped lips, flaky skin, blackheads, zits and what not. Sharing it with someone or using others makeup can risk health you’re your skin and theirs too.

Hypoallergenic Makeup

Different women have different kind of skin types dry, oily or combination and makeup industry is so vast that they have come up with different products that suit each of them. But people with hypersensitive skin experience hard time to find a perfect match for their skin. Therefore, cosmetics specially designed for hypersensitive skin are also available in the market. These are termed as “non-comedogenic”, “Dermatologist recommended” or “Hypoallergenic” makeup items. These cosmetic products contain less harsh and harmful ingredients as generic makeup items.


If you have hypersensitive always make your that your makeup implements are clean. Wash your makeup brushes twice or at least once a week. Washing brushes used for semi liquid makeup item is important because there is not only makeup built in but it also attracts dirt and debris. Using such makeup implements means transferring bacteria to your skin that will affect your skin.

Keep your skin Moisturized

Well dry skin experiences more breakouts. If your skin is sensitive keep it moisturized. Moisturizing your skin minimize your pores and develops a barrier between your skin and dirt to get in touch with your skin resulting in less skin breakouts.

Hope the above tips will help you avoid skin allergies in future.

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