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A highly motivated, self passionate, skilled and responsible individual who has a lot of interest in blogging. A lively and jolly person who finds fun in every walk of life. A Computer Engineer always available to help others in every field whether technical or non-technical.

5 Soothing Baths That Will Help Relieve Stress

soothing baths

After a hard day at work, you only want to unwind and meditate when you get home at night at the hope of removing all the stress that you have accumulated within the day. If you are a working parent, balancing between your work and your family could also be physically and mentally tiring too, especially that you have to ...

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Five Psychological Functions of Listening to Music

Music is a big part of many people’s lives. Music is a part of every culture in the world. Why is that so? Maybe it is because listening to music has positive effects on the body and especially of the mind. Here are some of the psychological functions of listening to music: Psychological Functions of Listening to Music Music can ...

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Best Fat Burning Exercises

best fat burning exercises

Fat is good for your body but up to a certain limit. When it becomes excessive then you may suffer from obesity and many other problems besides looking bad in the parties. So it’s an inevitable fact that you need to maintain your body structure in a uniform manner without adding any additional fat layers on your body . It ...

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30+ Graduation Dresses Ideas For Girls

graduation outfits ideas

Yesterday, I was talking to my sister about her university. She was worried about the dress she is going to wear on her graduation day. While giving her multiple graduation dresses ideas, I thought about writing an article about this topic. Graduation is a very important day in our lives. Every girl wants to look her best on this day. ...

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30+ Short Hairstyles To Try This Summer

wavy bob

It is the dream of every girl to look beautiful to her fullest. Having beautiful hair is an integral part of one’s appearance. Usually it is considered that girls with long hair have more chance of making their appearance more attractive. But in my opinion, short hairs on girls look more cute and pretty. Short hairs are easy to manage. ...

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Cricket History And Facts

cricket history

Cricket is the second most popular game in the world (top position is held by football) yet there are very less number of people who know about the cricket history. Recently I did research on cricket history as I am a cricket lover. I found out the following interesting facts about this amazing game. Cricket History and Facts There is no ...

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Get Rid Of Blackheads Using Home Remedies

get rid of blackheads

A clean and spotless skin is considered a sign of beauty. However, the skin is scarred with the onset of pimples and blackheads on the face. The history of blackheads go back as far as the human beings existed. Women have been trying since long to get rid of blackheads from their face and bodies. Blackheads are black spots on your ...

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30+ Inspiring Love Quotes To Say I Love You


Love is a true blessing from God given to human beings. It is a feeling which totally changes a person. When a person is in love, his life is completed. He doesn’t think about himself only. His beloved becomes a part of himself. His thoughts and actions are no longer his own. That is why it is said about love that ...

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20+ Beautiful Makeup Looks To Try In 2016

sexy makeup

Doing beautiful makeup is an art. Only the people who keep on practicing can master in producing perfect makeup looks. Since I was young, my interest in makeup has been immense. And I am not the only one. Every girl when reaches the adolescence age wants to look her best. The first thing which is approachable to us is the ...

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20+ Inspiring Fathers Day Quotes

fathers day quotes

Father is the key factor which holds the family together. Along with mothers, fathers are the persons who struggle throughout the life for us. They make us what we are now. They spend their whole lives for the betterment of their children. Although some fathers day quotes can not describe the importance of their role in our lives, they are enough ...

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