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10 Quotes for Mother’s Love

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If pure love has some name then it would be “Mother”. Mother is not only a relation but also a symbol of extreme love, compassion, sacrifice and devotion. Mother is the entity that brings a child in this world. She keeps him/ her in her womb for about 9 months and knows every move of her child since then. Mother is the pivot around which the entire family system evolves. Mother, along with father keeps a family unite and strengthen. In fact, there can be no family system possible without a mother.

Today, on the eve of Mothers’ Day, I am writing this blog containing several quotes which show the affection and kind-heartedness of a mother. This is a tribute to all the mothers of the world and I hope you would like it:

Quote for Mother's love
Mother's love and forgiveness
Quote for Mother's love
Mother and child quote
Mother can think best for her child
Without mother house cannot be a home
Never hurt mother
Quote for Mother's love

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