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Best Nail Polish Brands 2014

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china glaze

One of the most important part of our bodies are nails. Women have been finding different means to make their nails look lavish and beautiful since ages. Now a days, every girl keeps long and beautified nails and to enhance their look, no compromise is made in choosing the best method. One of the most used and renown method for beautifying nails is the use of nail polishes. Following are the best nail polish brands in use today.

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Best Nail Polish Brands 2014


One of the known nail polish brands is OPI. It is launched by an Australian company which is well known for its beautiful and enchanting nail polish shades. No side effects have been noticed by the use of these nail polishes and also they have very reasonable price.



Another well known nail polish brand is Essie. Many nail polishes are available by this brands in many shades. Nail polishes of Essie should never be missed from the collection if you want to have the best and most classy nail polish brands.



Revlon is a well known brand in the fashion industry. It is popular for its nail paints as well as for fragrances, skincare items and different makeup utilities. Revlon guarantees incredible nature of its items at moderate and affordable costs.



One of the most renown fashion brands of the world. Women consider this brand a must keep in their nail polishes and lipsticks collections. The beautiful shades and decent colors increases the overall look of the nails.


L’Oréal Paris

L’oreal Paris is one of the best nail polish brands of the world. Although this brand produces a lot of products, nail polishes of L’Oreal are a real charm. A wide range of nail colors are provided and in different shades. No girl considers her fashion collection complete unless she has a L’Oreal product.

l'oreal paris

China Glaze

China Glaze is known for its quality products. The nail polishes provide the best results when applied. Once put on, you will definitely enjoy the long lasting effects and beautiful shades of this nail polish brand.

china glaze


Orly is a must known brand famous for its beautiful nail polish colors. Multiple shades are available to enhance the beauty of your nails and also these are available in affordable prices.


Perfect Formula

Perfect Formula reinforces and treats harmed nails utilizing remarkable gels and salves that help in making them become longer and healthier. Those with weak nails, harmed fingernail skin, or peeling because of acrylic items will find that these medications help re-uncover excellent hands and feet.

perfect formula


So, these were some of the best nail polish brands of 2014. If you want to read more about how to make your nails look beautiful and attractive, take a look at following article ^_^

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