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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Step By Step

Eyes are the most important feature of the face, noticed by anyone who looks at your face. Most of the people observe the eyes of the people they first meet. That is why having beautiful and attractive eyes is the key to win someone’s heart at the first glance. I have already shared some beautiful eyeliner styles that make the eyes attractive. To spice up the things a bit more, I have decided to include the famous smokey eye makeup tutorial in my post for you folks 😉

I believe all of the girls now a days are quite familiar with smokey eyes. I bet you must have noticed the irresistible and attractive smokey eyes of some girl in a party and thought to yourself, Damn, she is hot, I want to make my eyes look like hers. Well, if you haven’t already tried this stunning look, I will help you girls in this post on smokey eye makeup tutorial step by step. Although this look might seem difficult to achieve at first, I bet creating smokey eyes effect is not that tough. After a bit of practice, you will eventually master this art.

There are many types of smokey eye makeups. These different looks are achieved by using a dark shade on outer edges of the eye. The shade used for outer corner can vary. Black shade is used for creating sexy and bold looking eyes. Colored smokey eyes are used to create a more funky look. Neutral colors can be used to achieve a more natural look. Anyways, whatever type of smokey eyes are created, they always look stunning.

Following is a step by step smokey eye makeup tutorial. I have tried to make it as simple as possible so that you girls reading this post may try it easily. Still, if you face any difficulties, feel free to ask me. I hope this smokey eye makeup tutorial will help you in creating a perfect look for your beautiful eyes 🙂

 Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Prepare The Eyelid

Using an eye-shadow brush, apply a skin-colored shadow to the eyelids. For better results, apply foundation, primer or concealer first, so that the makeup stays longer.

smokey eye makeup

Highlight Brow Bone

Apply a highlighter to the brow bone using a light shadow color. A medium beige or white shadow is preferable. This highlighter enhances the entire lid area and the results are overwhelming.

smokey eye makeup

Shade Inner Corner

Using a blending brush, prepare the inner corner of the eye by applying a soft neutral shade. White or beige shade for this purpose is suitable. Clear out any harsh edges by properly blending the shadow.

smokey eye makeup

Contour The Crease

The trickiest part of eye makeup is to find the crease of your eye correctly. Crease is the bone right above the socket ball of the eye. In other words, where your eye ball ends and brow bone starts, there lies your crease. Keep your eyes opened during the contouring of your crease. Take a soft blending brush and apply a darker shade, preferably charcoal grey, through and above the crease.

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Prepare Outer Corner

Take a blending eye brush and apply the darker shade on the outer corner of the lid. Maintain the perfect V shape on the outer corner. Blend and soften harsh edges.

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Shade The Eyelid

Apply a golden colored eye shadow on the eyelid in the inner corner and the middle. Properly blend the shade and remove any harsh edges.

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Shade Upper Lash

Apply matte black eye shadow to the upper lash line using a small brush. For a softer look, smudge the shade line.

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Apply Eye Liner

Using a flat eye liner brush, apply eye liner to the upper eye lid. Also, apply eye shade to the lower lash line and blend it really well.

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Apply Eyelashes And Mascara

For a more beautiful and attractive look, apply false eyelashes. Then, apply mascara to top and bottom eyelashes and the smokey eye makeup tutorial is completed 🙂

smokey eye makeup tutorial

I hope you people enjoyed this tutorial. For any queries, contact me freely and also give your precious feedback about how was my tutorial. I hope this step by step smokey eye makeup tutorial will help you in putting on a hot look for your parties. Following are some pictorial step by step smokey eye makeup tutorials. Feel free to follow them for different beautiful smokey eye looks. Also, I found this link to be very helpful in writing this tutorial.

Colorful Smokey Makeup

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Nude Smokey Eye

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Beautiful Metallic Smokey Eyes

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Golden Eye Makeup

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Perfect Eye Makeup

smokey eye makeup steps

Courtesy: maryammaquillage.com

Smokey Makeup For Green Eyes

smokey eye makeup steps

Blue Smokey Eye

smokey eye makeup steps

Courtesy: pinme.ru

Smokey Makeup For Brown Eyes

smokey eye makeup steps

Elegant Smokey Makeup

smokey eye makeup steps

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