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11 Best Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

So, you have brown eyes? I can imagine the trouble you have to go thorough for finding the perfect make up ideas for your eye color. But, don’t be disappointed. Because, brown eyes are one of the most beautiful feature of your face and that’s why I have included some of the best makeup tips for brown eyes. So sit back and read through the list. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed at the end.

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Best Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Use Metallic Shades

Metallic shades like Gold, Silver and Bronze go best with the brown eyes. They enhance the beautiful brown shade and make your eyes stand out.

makeup tips for brown eyes

Add Shimmer To The Shades

Since brown eyes go best with a shiny and glittering shade, its best to add a bit of shimmer in any type of shade you are using. You will be stunned to see the results.

makeup tips for brown eyes

Use Green Shade Or Liner

Are you afraid of using green color shade on your beautiful eye? You think that will ruin the look? I suggest try this trick at least one. Put on a shimmery green shadow with a silver or gold liner. The results will change your theory.

makeup tips for brown eyes

Use White Shade Beneath The Brow

Using a bit of white shade beneath the eyebrow can drastically change your eye look. Brown color goes best with white. The white shade along with a metallic shade on lid will make your brown color pop out.

makeup tips for brown eyes

Use Royal Blue Liner On Your Waterline

Blue goes best with brown eyes. To test this fact, apply royal blue liner to the waterline of your eye. The dramatic look of your eyes will get you a lot of compliments. For a more casual look, instead of using liner, put on the blue shade with the help of a thin brush on your waterline. The results will be overwhelming I assure you.

brown eyes makeup

Determine Your Shade Of Brown

To obtain best results from applying make up on your eyes, first determine the shade of brown your eyes have. Dark shades suit best on dark brown eyes. Medium brown eyes are complemented by greenish shade. Whereas light brown eyes look best with shades of yellow, bringing out the golden flecks of your eyes.

brown eyes makeup

Try Some Neutral Shades

Neutral shades like beige, grey, ivory, peach and brown go best with brownish eyes. Both eyeliner and eye shades of neutral colors can be used for a perfect natural look.

makeup tips for brown eyes

Use Shades of Purple

Since purple is the contrasting color to brown, it goes best with the brown eyes. I can assure you it is one of the best makeup tips for brown eyes.

makeup tips for brown eyes

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Use An Alluring Mascara

If you have applied the best shades and liner on your brown eyes and missed the mascara, you missed the big part of fun. Try a brown shade of mascara for a natural look. For a more formal and party look, go for a purple, navy blue or black mascara. Your brown eyes will beam underneath the dark cluster of your lashes 😉

makeup tips for brown eyes

Use Shades According To Your Eye Size

One of the best makeup tips for brown eyes that I love is that how different colors of shade can affect the look of your eyes. Those who have tiny eyes, avoid using darker colors. Go for lighter ones that will enhance your eyes and make them look bigger. And those who have big round eyes, no restriction for any shade 🙂

brown eyes makeup

Try White Liner

OK, so you are thinking, what? White Liner? Who applies white liner? Trust me, white liner looks best with brown eyes, specially when applied on waterline. Apply a metallic shadow on your eyelids and then see the magic of white liner on your brown eyes.

brown eyes makeup

So, these were some of the best makeup tips for brown eyes. Do try these and tell me in the comments if these helped you. Also if anything else works for your brown eyes, do let me know 🙂

Beautiful Green Eyeshade

makeup tips for brown eyes

Neutral Eye Makeup

makeup tips for brown eyes

Blue Liner With Brown Eyes

makeup tips for brown eyes

Smokey Eye Makeup

brown eyes makeup

Courtesy: maryammaquillage.com

Shades Of Purple

brown eyes makeup

Green Eyeshadow

brown eyes makeup


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