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Budget Wedding Invitations By Basic Invite

Beautiful wedding invitations are a must and high quality invites are the best way to obtain that. But when you’re on a budget, it can be hard to find both. On one hand, you don’t want to compromise the quality or looks, but on the other your wedding dress or flowers might be more important to you. So, you sacrifice ...

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5 Designer Tricks for Updating Your Open Space

decorate open space

According to Bankrate, open floor plans are among the top desired qualities that a home buyer looks for. Whether you’re selling your home soon or you simply want to update your existing features to make the space more livable, check out these designer tricks for updating your open space and making it more modern and luxurious. Image Source : Flickr Designer ...

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Travel Guide for a One-Day Trip to Anchorage


Anchorage, Alaska sits on the Cook Inlet and serves as a stunning gateway to the abundant wildlife and natural wonders that the state is known for. Visiting is possible throughout the year. Tourists will be able to experience the beauty of Alaska no matter which season they travel. A day spent exploring Anchorage will leave you breathless. There is so ...

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Mario Maurer Pictures And Biography

Mario Maurer

Mario Maurer, the heart-throb of thousands of Thai girls, is famous Thai actor. He is known internationally for his role in movie “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. This movie served as a milestone to boost his popularity among international fans. Also known as “First Love”, this movie was Asian sleeper hit and also one of the  longest running movies in ...

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Funny And Hilarious Friends TV Show Quotes

friends show funny quotes

Friends TV show remains one of the most widely watched and renowned sitcom of all time. People still love to watch this season to take their minds off of their hectic lives. I never get tired of watching this series and even after watching it whole once, I want to watch again. The characters are really funny and the dialogues ...

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Most Beautiful Places In The World

beautiful places of world

World is no doubt a very beautiful place for those who want to see it. The people who love to travel look for most beautiful places in the world all the time so they can plan a visit to some new place. I myself love to watch beautiful natural places of the world even though I haven’t traveled much. World ...

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Funny Animal Pictures That Lift The Mood

funny animal pictures

Animals are a creation of God loved by everyone. Everybody loves animals. They have emotions, feelings and sensibility. Animals are quite funny. Their cuteness is apparent from their actions. Most humans love to keep some animals as pets including cats, dogs, birds etc. Those who keep them as pets quite often witness the moments of cuteness and fun. If we ...

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Best Korean Dramas of All Time

best korean dramas

Now -a-days, the fever of watching korean dramas has swept across all world. There would be no country in the world where korean dramas are not watched by at least one person according to my guess. If you have not yet heard about these cute and alluring dramas, you are reading the right post. Have you become fed up of ...

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Best Fantasy Movies Of All Time

top fantasy movies

When it comes to movies, no one is unaware of Fantasy genre. The movies related to this genre are most entertaining and interesting of all. Fantasy genre compromises of movies which revolve around fantasy themes including magical creatures, supernatural events, myths or imaginary worlds. These movies take individuals to another world. You make a world of your own and escape ...

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Handsome Korean Actors Of All Time

Lee Jong Hyun

Korean dramas have become quite famous all over the world in the past few years. People of every age and gender love to watch these dramas. The story lines and plots of most Korean dramas are quite intriguing. But the best part of every drama is their most handsome Korean actors. I love to watch dramas which have strong plot ...

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